WIG Consulting is a part of WTG-Consulting.     WIG consulting has started its work recently due to the excessive demand for consulting regarding the work in Germany.     Moreover, the updated strategies for German’s companies that are mainly oriented to capture the foreign professionals and allow them to be endured in the innovative spirit give WIG-Consulting the incentive to serve both sides and be the ideal crossing bridge.

Ausbildung in Germany

Learn and Get Paid!

Conditions for Ausbildung Programs

Educational Background

  • Completion of the first secondary year or a holder of high school diploma.

Personal Requirements

  • The age of the applicant should not exceed 25 years and 30 years for nursing


Ausbildung Packet

Our team assists you in:

  • file preparation,
  • Translation, legitimation, and evaluation
  • Teach the German language
  • Apply to 10-60 Ausbildung positions
  • coaching for interviews
  • permanent follow-up and support

German Language

For students who want to study in Germany, we recommend them to learn German at our academy:

  • Intensive courses
  • Small teaching groups 
  • 110 to 120 teaching units per course
  • Teaching from A1 till B2
  • Individual support
  • Learn online from anywhere in the world

Visa Services

We help you in:

  • file preparation for the embassy
  • support in CV and motivation letter
  • assistance in opening a blocked account
  • coaching for visa interview
  • booking an appointment at the German embassy
  • follow-up in case of visa delay

Accommodation Services

In this packet we assist you in:

  • finding accommodation 
  • Reading and translating rental contract
  • pick-up service from the airport
  • unlocking your blocked account
  • support in opening a new account
  • make a telephone contract 
  • 2 days of on-site support
  • Permanent follow-up