WIG Consulting is a part of WTG-Consulting.     WIG consulting has started its work recently due to the excessive demand for consulting regarding the work in Germany.     Moreover, the updated strategies for German’s companies that are mainly oriented to capture the foreign professionals and allow them to be endured in the innovative spirit give WIG-Consulting the incentive to serve both sides and be the ideal crossing bridge.

Reasons for Ausbildung

why ausbildung

- Germany offers more than 402 professions, where applicants can choose the appropriate program for their character and to their dream job.
- Participants of the dual educational system, work and study at the - same time.
- They get paid! They receive a monthly salary during the entire program. ( no need to fully finance your education)
- Combination of theory and practice.
- Receiving a qualification made in Germany without attending university.
- Graduates have great job opportunities as vocational professions in Germany and Europa
- Possible to get vocational training without specific educational background.

Duration of Ausbildung

duration of ausbildung

- Generally, the Ausbildung program goes on for 2-3.5 years, however on the off chance that your grades are acceptable depending on your presentation in the organization and vocational training school, then, at that point, this time frame can be diminished.
- In any case, it doesn't have any huge effect, as the time of 3 years can be decreased to 2.5 years, so it barely matters.
- Timespan normally relies upon different variables like which organization you are working for, which department you are relegated to, from which vocational training school you are examining.
- In any case, there is something significant you gravely need to be qualified for the Ausbildung program, and that is the capability in the German language.


German language

1. Language Requirements

The language utilized in the professional preparing school is German. They lead all tests in German.
Thus, you need to satisfy the essential necessity or level for the German language, for example, ready to demonstrate that your level is at any rate B1 / B2.
The main essential that most organizations check for recruiting students from different nations is decent information on German.
More than 90% of the organizations (with apprenticeship offers) expressed that language abilities were important to finish an instructional class.

Visa Requirements

3. Visa Requirements

  • Confirmation from the training company
  • Proof of language proficiency
  • Financial proof
  • Education background
  • Health insurance

study in germany

2. Educational Requirements

Every program has different requirements, but it’s possible to find training with any educational
Some Vocational training requires Mittlere Reife ( 9th Class, intermediate school-leaving)
Some vocational training requires Realabschluss (Substantive General Certificate of Secondary
Some vocational training requires Abitur ( A-Level, 12 years, with Hochschulzugangsberichtigung)

Financial Requirements of Ausbildung

4. Financial Requirements

- In the event that you apply for the Ausbildung visa, you need to have:
A composed affirmation or an agreement by the preparation organization
Sufficient measure of cash (863 Euros each month) to keep up the expense living in Germany for the length of your visit preceding the beginning of your Ausbildung
- A legitimate medical coverage for in any event for the main year or preceding the beginning of your professional preparing
- Month to month payment
- Members of Ausbildung are paid a month-to-month payment by the organization where they work each week as a
feature of the program. By and large they are entitled to a base measure of 850.EUR each month. It very well may be more as indicated by the abilities, efficiency of every member, and the quantity of long stretches of work each week.

Steps for Getting Ausbildung in Germany (for Non-EU Citizens)

Step 1: Learn the German Language

Three to Four levels in German:
A1, A2, B1, B2
- Each course consists of 80 to 200 hours.
- Finishing A1 – B1 / B2 in your home country.
- Duration: 6 till 8 months.
- Certificates required:
         - Goethe B1 / B2
         - Telc B1 / B2
         - DAF: 3*4

Step 4: CV and Motivation Letter

- The applicant needs a CV and Motivation Letter for applying to the Ausbildung position.
- For recognition and applying for the Ausbildung- position you need a CV in the German language.
- Motivation letter is needed for applying to Ausbildung- position.
- Motivation Letter should be in German too.

Step 2: Translation and Legitimation

The school Certificates needed:
- to be translated to German.
- Legitimation of the school certificate at the German embassy in your Home country.
- Making legitimate copies.

Step 5: Apply to Ausbildung Program

Apply to an Ausbildung-Program after fulfilling the following criteria:
- Having B1 German level, (Or at least visiting B1 course).
- Translated and Legitimated your school certificate at the German embassy in your Home country.
- Having recognition from the certification authority in Germany.
- Having a professional CV and ML in German.

Applying Process:
- Searching for Ausbildung – Program online.
- Applying Online to many opened Ausbildung programs in the state you want to live in and to the programs you want to work in.
- Apply only to programs, that you fulfill its requirements.
- Follow up your application

Step 7: Arriving to Germany

- Having Insurance.
- Having accommodation.
- Having a Bank account.
- Registration at the international office.
- Starting your Ausbildung.

Step 3: Recognition of the school certificate

In Order to evaluate your school certificate in Germany :
- Choose the state, where you want to make your Ausbildung and you want to live.
- Check under anabin the address of certification authority, in the state, where you want to live.
- Sending translated and legitimated copies of your school certificate per Post for Recognition.
- Pay the Recognition fees. (100 – 200) Euro.
- Duration two till three months.
- Having an address in Germany or outside Germany, where the recognition certificate should be sent.

Step 6: Applying to Visa

Applying Process:
- Having Acceptance for Ausbildung.
- Having the recognition of your school certificate
- Having enough financial resources
- Having an appointment.
- Prepared your file well
- Agreement from jobcenter ( Duele Ausbildung).
- Not to be older than 25 years.

Apply to Visa for Ausbildung:

- Having the recognition of your school certificate
- Having enough financial resources
- Having an appointment.
- Prepared your file well
- Not to be older than 21 years.

Types of Ausbildung

Dualeberufs Ausbildung

Ausbildung (Vocational Training)

A dual vocational training program endures somewhere in the range of two and three-and-a-half years, according to the work you have settled on.
During this timeframe, you work in a foundation and go to a vocational training school too.
Typically, you have classes a few times per week or for week after week terms. These classes confer significant hypothetical information for your work.

Schulische Ausbildung


Those undertaking a Schulische Ausbildung are typically studying something that needs more hypothesis
(youth instruction or nursing, for instance) and in this manner invest more energy in classes and courses.
The down to earth segment of a Schulische Ausbildung will in general come after the time spent studying
hypothesis in the classroom.
30 % of the vocational training is educational.
It’s not paid
Participants must make at least one training at a company

Our Services

2- Ausbildung-Packet

Those who choose to Ausbildung in Germany through WTG Team, get the following Services:
- Support in preparing the correct documents.
- Making and support in Translation and Legitimation.
- Evaluation of certificate in Germany.
- Making a plan and support in following it.
- Applying to more than 10-20 Ausbildung etc..
- Support with registration and finsishing the German courses.
- Coaching for interviews.
- DHL Post all over the world
- Making legitimated copies.