WIG Consulting is a part of WTG-Consulting.     WIG consulting has started its work recently due to the excessive demand for consulting regarding the work in Germany.     Moreover, the updated strategies for German’s companies that are mainly oriented to capture the foreign professionals and allow them to be endured in the innovative spirit give WIG-Consulting the incentive to serve both sides and be the ideal crossing bridge.

Non-Regulated Professions

Non-Regulated Professions
  • Most of the professions in Germany belong to non-regulated professions. For these professions there are no legal regulations for the exercise of the profession, therefore no recognition procedure is required.
  • Qualified job seekers from third countries need the recognition of the foreign professional qualification or the comparability of the university degree in order to be granted a visa.
  • In this case, it is advisable to apply to the ZAB for an individual assessment of the foreign university degree.
  • Unregulated professions are, for example, biologist, physicist, linguist, mathematician, economist, journalist, business economist, computer scientist or baker.

IT Expert

German market in the IT sector is in the foreground for their innovator rate that exceeds 80%.


Germany is becoming a career destination for many scientists.