WIG Consulting is a part of WTG-Consulting.     WIG consulting has started its work recently due to the excessive demand for consulting regarding the work in Germany.     Moreover, the updated strategies for German’s companies that are mainly oriented to capture the foreign professionals and allow them to be endured in the innovative spirit give WIG-Consulting the incentive to serve both sides and be the ideal crossing bridge.

WIG Services for regulated professions 


First Consulting Meeting

The first step to our service is the first consulting meeting. In this meeting, we first get to know the applicant and we evaluate his application. In addition, the applicant will receive the following services during the meeting:

  • Advice on opportunities and possibilities
  • Advice on visa requirements
  • Information about the labor market.
  • Creation of a work plan
  • Information about costs and financing options
  • Advice on the recognition process


Assistance in Preparing the necessary Documents

  • We advise and support you in putting together all the documents that are required for the recognition and application of the visa.
  • In addition, we take on the many cases of translation and legalization of documents for various authorities.


Support in applying for recognition

With authorization from you, the application for recognition of qualifications will be submitted to the recognized authority in the federal state in which you would like to work and live in the future. This service also includes all communications, forwarding of the required documents, and payment of the recognition fees.


Teaching German A1-B2

In cooperation with WTG Academy, our customers attend German courses A1 to B2 online from all over the world. Each course lasts 2 months and is taught in small groups of up to 8 people. This means that you have the opportunity to complete all the required language skills during the recognition phase within eight months.


Profiling in German*

  • Cover letter:
  • A perfect cover letter 
  • Application photo and profile photo:
  • A professional application photo


Applying for a job (If necessary)*

Applying for a job in Germany is not an easy step for a foreign applicant. Many German employers avoid hiring qualified employees from abroad due to the complicated formality and bureaucratic measures. Due to our eight years of experience in mediating between foreign countries and Germany, our team can overcome this hurdle for both parties.

Applying for Work permit (If necessary)



Applying for Approbation / recognition and follow-up


Finding the correct language school

The WIG team will find you the perfect courses suiting your job, wherein in these classes, you will achieve language proficiency and a wide range of your job terminology.


Coaching and Preparation for Interviews

Our team will hold various conversations with you to discover your strengths and preferences. In the course of the process, various skills are trained, your preferences are taken into account in the application process, your strengths are highlighted so that you can present yourself confidently during the visa or work interview and successfully complete the interview.


Assistance in applying for a visa

Applying for a visa is not an easy matter. In order for the application to be successful, the documents when submitting the application should be complete and tidy. Therefore, a lot of preparations should be made beforehand. We support our customers in 1. Appointments 2. Submission of financial securities such as opening a blocked account, issuing a guarantee, etc. 3. Put all the necessary documents together in two or three copies. 4. Prepare for the interview. If necessary, acceleration of the skilled worker's procedure Tracking the visa application in the event of delay.


Managing your stay in Germany*

  • Anyone who wants to start his life in Germany will face at the beginning huge bureaucratic challenges. His stay in Germany has to be well organized from the beginning, otherwise, his stay will turn into a nightmare. Everything starts with the accommodation. Accommodation is required before entering Germany. Without accommodation, you can literally do nothing in Germany. So that our customers can concentrate on the essentials. We offer the following services:

Advice on applying for funding for the courses for equivalency measures

The equivalency courses have certain requirements and are usually expensive, but there are several funding options. We also look after you during your stay in Germany so that you can have your qualifications recognized quickly. That is why we offer you the following services: Application for participation in the equivalency measures Application for funding opportunities.



Profiling in German

  • Cover letter:
  • In addition to the résumé, a perfect cover letter is the business card for every successful application, after which the staff will decide in less than 2 minutes whether your application should be forwarded or canceled.
  • Application photo and profile photo:
  • An application photo shouldn't be like a normal photo on Facebook or Instagram. Different rules apply here. After the Moto, the first impression counts. If the recruiter finds an applicant unsympathetic when looking at the photo, then he has bad cards to be judged completely objectively. We advise you to take a professional photo with a photographer in this matter so that your photo conveys the trustworthiness and the feeling of togetherness and no strangeness, aggression, chaos, sexual attractiveness.


Job Placement

  • In the case of applying for a visa for the recognition of qualifications, job placement is not necessary. In many cases, it is enough to show efforts to work in a certain state. We show these efforts by submitting applications for recruitment to many employers.

Our team has numerous contacts in his network, which are regularly maintained. Our customers, therefore, benefit not only from visible job advertisements but also from positions that are internally allocated or communicated via our network.

Our Job-Placement-Process includes:

  • Contacting our partners.
  • Contacting industries.
  • Searching on job-hunting sites.
  • Searching on social platforms.
  • Contacting companies
  • Contacting hospitals.
  • Contacting clinics.


Manage your stay in Germany

  • Finding accommodation.
  • Pick-up from airport.
  • Translation the rooms contract.
  • Arranging German telephone number.
  • Support and take an appointment for registration at foreigners' registration office.
  • Staying with you two days and driving you to your new working place/ university or language school, banks shopping, etc.
  • Support in opening a new account.
  • Support in registration in Germany
  • Support in unlocking your blocked account.