Our Services for Ausbildung 

1- First Consulting Meeting

In this meeting we give you the following Service:
-  Provide an Ausbildung.
-  Inform you about German Ausbildung
-  Why Germany

- Making a plan for starting your way to Germany
-  Inform you about the costs, you will face in all your trip till starting the Ausbildung.

- Consulting you to choose between Duale and Schulische Ausbildung, and which ist the best choice for you.

2- Ausbildung-Packet

Those who choose to Ausbildung in Germany through WTG Team, they get the following Services:
- Support in preparing the correct documents.
- Making and support in Translation and Legitimation.
- Evaluation of certificate in Germany.
- Making a plan and support in following it.
- Applying to more than 10-20 Ausbildung etc..
- Support with registration and finsishing the German courses.
- Coaching for interviews.
- DHL Post all over the world
- Making legitimated copies.

3- Packet I- Visa service

Those who choose to study in Germany
through WTG Team, get the following Services:
- Booking an appointment at the embassy.
- Support in opening a blocked account.
- Prepare your file for the embassy.
- Coaching for the interview-Visa
- Control and Support in CV and motivation letter.
- Making a plan for your stay in Germany.
- Follow up in Visa delay.

4- Packet II- Managing your Stay in Germany

Students who wants WTG Team, to manage their stay in Germany, they get the following
- Finding an accommodation.
- Pick-up from airport.
- Translation the rooms contract.
- Arranging German telephone number.
- Support and taking an appointements for registration at foreigners‘s registration office.
- Staying with you two days and driving you to enternace exam, university, banks shoping etc.
- Support in opening new account.
- Support in unlocking your blocked account.

5- German language

Students who wants to study in Germany, we
recommend them to learn German at our
WTG Academy for many reason:
- Intensive courses (2 months each course).
- Small teaching groups ( max. 8 person per group).
- 110 to 120 teaching units per course.
- Teaching from A1 till B2
- Individual support.
- Preparing for entrance exams for studienkolleg and universities.
- Learning online from anywhere in the world or in our school in Rüsselsheim, Mainz or Choueifat lebanon.


- We help you in every step ofyour way to Germany.
- Professional and oriented consulting service
- Support in every step of your way
- Applying to official and private universities all over Germany
- Follow up and support in Germany
- Guaranteed university admissions
- More than 8 years experience since 2013

Why WTG Services

- Time (delay about 6 – 12 months)
Problem in:
- finding correct universities

- evaluation
- money transferring
- sending the correct documents
- registration in a correct language school
- opening account
- taking appointment in correct time making motivation letter and making interview
- following up the visa in case of visa delay
- renewing the language and uni Admission

Why Packet II Service

- Hotel (2 weeks – 2 month)
- Extra costs in rental contract
- Possibility of fraud
Problem in:
- reading and understanding the rental contract
- finding insurance at the correct time
- starting in Germany
- entering to the university