Regulated Professions

The exercise of regulated professions in Germany requires recognition of professional qualifications, regardless of the country of origin. The regulated professions include, for example, qualifications in the areas of health, engineering, legal advice, and state schools.

According to the Federal Employment Agency, the regulated professions are divided into five professional groups and are currently 433 professions.

Regulated Professions
  • There are 45 regulated professions in the apprenticeship trades.
  • There are 154 regulated professions in the university professions.
  • There are 73 regulated professions in civil service careers.
  • There are 54 regulated professions in continuing education professions.
  • There are 42 regulated professions in subjects.
  • There are 65 regulated professions in job opportunities.

Medical Profession

The increasing demand for foreign medical professionals in Germany is making the current shortage a crucial opportunity for you.


Germany provides a spacious substantial scope for engineering expertise to master their creation successfully and efficiently.